Trust Me You'll Love It, Kids
Our book subscription program for readers 18 and younger. Give your favorite young reader a book a month, shipped anywhere in the US. 

For less than $20/month, the Adopt-a-Reader Program matches you with a child in need in Eagle County. 
Soup Subscription
For $25/week, receive a half gallon of soup (four to eight servings), eight rolls, reheating instructions, nutritional information, and a recyclable mason jar! 
Libro FM
Support the Bookworm with audio books! Choose specific audiobooks or select from 1, 3, 6, or 12 month memberships. Also makes a great gift!
Trust Me, You'll Love It
Our adult book concierge program, makes it easy to spoil yourself or a loved one all year long! Receive a hand-selected book every month, shipped anywhere in the US!