For just $120, the Adopt-a-Reader Program matches you with a child in need in Eagle County. On your behalf, we send one book per month for 6 months to the youngest and most vulnerable members of our community, supporting early literacy skills that create lifelong success. 

What educators are saying:

"Thanks so much for this wonderful program and allowing our students to be excited about reading.  It is so exciting to see them open them-it is like a holiday each time." Nita, School Counselor

"I observed the children who benefit from your book program grabbing books from the shelves, and the parents were using books as a quiet activity for their children. This is honestly something that I have never observed in 10 years," says one educator involved with the program. "The book program is seriously working and changing lives and parenting behaviors."

What parent's are saying:

"It's one of the best days of the month when my son, who is five, receives a new book that is his forever.  Thank you for all that you do." - Heather, mother in Eagle CO

"We read each book together and it turns into our special time before bed time." Kim, mother of 8 year old out of Gypsum

"My kids love having this gift each month. They have tested high in their English classes and I know it's because they get to have fun with reading. Thank you." Marissa, mother of a 10, 7, and 5 year old out of Avon

What givers are saying:

"I am so happy to be able to provide the joy of reading to children who would otherwise have less access to books. I applaud the Bookworm for providing the vehicle to make this possible." John, giver for over a year

"Everyone deserves to discover the joy of reading for themselves. I am so proud to participate in a program that gives kids access to books, which have been so essential in my life." Mack, giver for over a year

"A passion for reading is worth investing in as the dividends pay off well into the future. Bookworm's Adopt-a-Reader program allows me to share my love of reading with the next generation of readers in the Vail Valley.  Thank you Bookworm for offering such a great program!" Vanessa, giver for over a year

"I have loved being a part of the Adopt-A-Reader program! It’s such a perfect way to give back to our community by giving books to kids who wouldn’t be able to have them otherwise. It’s truly been a pleasure getting to spread my love of reading to the next generation!" Sarah, giver for over a year

Price: $120.00