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Skinny B $7
Pineapple, banana, spinach, ginger, apple juice (V)

Nightshade $9
Mixed berries, yogurt, apple juice

Treasure Island $8
Pineapple, banana, passion fruit puree, mango, coconut water (V)

Eat, Sleep, Ride $9
Espresso, almond butter, banana, chocolate whey protein, yogurt, coconut milk

Brain Booster $9.50
Blueberries, banana, avocado, vanilla vegan pea protein, chia seeds, almond butter, cardamon, almond milk (V)

Mowgli $6.50
Banana, strawberries, coconut water (V)

{Add Chocolate Whey or Vanilla Vegan Pea Protein for $3.00}


Breakfast Sandwich $11
Prosciutto, two fried eggs*, spinach, heirloom tomatoes on organic sourdough

Giving Tree $8
Avocado, olive oil, lemon, spinach, heirloom tomatoes, organic sourdough (V)

Rainbow Fish $11
Wild smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion, heirloom tomatoes, capers, organic marble rye

Bookclub Sandwich $13
Bacon, turkey, spinach, heirloom tomatoes, avocado, mayo on organic sourdough

{Substitute Gluten Free Pita for $3}


Green Eggs and Ham $9.50
Ham, gruyere, organic spinach, fried egg*

Don Quixote $10.00
Chorizo, avocado, roasted red pepper, fried egg* pico de gallo and sour cream on the side

Alchemist $10.00
Butternut squash, organic spinach, cashew mascarpone, carmelized onions, balsamic glaze, vegan gluten-free crepe (GF, V)

Lonesome Dove  $10
Chicken, bacon, white cheddar, organic spinach  

Machiavelli  $10.00
Mushrooms, gruyere, truffle oil, fried egg*

The Classic  $10.50
Grilled cheese crepe and tomato soup

Julia Child $6.50
Nutella, powdered sugar
Add Strawberries or Bananas for $2

Fitzgerald  $8.50
House-made cheesecake, strawberries, graham cracker crumbs

{Substitue Gluten Free/Vegan Crepe for $1}

All salads are served with a ciabatta roll

Bel Canto Salad $13
Prosciutto, Pears, Blue Cheese, Mixed Greens, balsamic vinaigrette

J.D. Salinger $14
Turkey, Bacon, hard boiled egg, avocado, heirloom tomatoes, mixed greens, blue cheese dressing

Shantaram Salad $14
Curried chicken salad with dried cherries, pecans, apples, on a bed of organic spinach

Secret Garden $14
Red beets, cashew mascarpone, quinoa, pecans, apples, dried cherries, organic mixed greens, spinach, white basalmic vinaigrette (GF, V) 

Soup $4 Cup, $7.50 Bowl
Bowl of soup is served with a ciabetta roll

Tomato Basil (GF, V)

Soup of the Day

Soup Salad Combo $11
Your choice of cup of soup, half salad, ciabatta roll

Hot Tea $3.00
Earl Grey, assam, high mountain chai, tropical green, jasmin, tamayokucha green, chamomile, alpine berry

updated 3/1/2021

V=Vegan   GF=Gluten Free
* Eggs are cooked to order. Consuming raw or undercooked eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.