Book My Birthday
Let the Bookworm throw your child's birthday party! Cupcakes, party favors, storytime, and even your child's favorite costumed character can show up at your door. With books, of course. 

Bookworm Book Fairs and Educator Benefits
The Bookworm can bring books and authors into your classroom!  Learn more about Bookworm book fairs and other educator benefits here.

Annual Children's Writing Contest
Each year, the Bookworm hosts a writing contest for young authors in grades 3-12.  Learn more and see past editions of Ungoverned Children here.

Adopt a Reader
For less than $20 per month, the Adopt a Reader Program matches you with a child in need in Eagle County. On your behalf, we send one book per month to the youngest and most vulnerable members of our community, supporting early literacy skills that create lifelong success. Learn more and adopy a reader here.

Wiggle Worms! A YouTube Storytime Channel
Your family's favorite stories now available on demand from the Bookworm!  Visit our YouTube channel to hear the Wiggle Worms, hosted by Bookworm bookseller Franny.  Perfect entertainment for future young readers on your phone, tablet, or computer.