Information for Local Authors

Want our store to carry your book? Here's how! 

For emerging authors hoping to get their books in the store, please read the following guidelines regarding our policies.

How will you publish your book?
You've heard of Amazon, but you can also consider these different services.

Kirkus Indie
Kirkus Indie offers both editorial and book review services. The editorial work is done by former “big six” editors who are vetted by Kirkus, and authors can also purchase a review from $425-$575 on the Kirkus website. Reviewers will “call them like they see them": Kirkus Indie has strict editorial standards. While authors can buy a review, they can’t buy a positive review.  After receiving a review, an author has the option to publish it or keep it private.

Ingram Spark
For $49, plus an annual access fee of $12, authors are able to set up their title and have access to Ingram’s print and e-book distribution services. Self-publishers have a number of options, including creating their own branding and setting a returnable status as well as wholesale discounts.

Kobo Writing Life
Self-publish e-books with Kobo, the e-reader network in over 190 countries, will millions of readers, and that benefits independent bookstores

Indie Reader In-Store
IndieReader In-Store reviews and catalogs your book as part of a branded collection on Edelweiss, an online catalog service, a social network platform for industry professionals and an interactive research tool for librarians, bloggers and reviewers.

Getting your book in The Bookworm

Consignment guidelines

  1. We would like to speak with you regarding your work and the best way to market it, however, because we are in a retail environment appointments MUST be made in advance. We will be unable to speak with you without an appointment. Request an appointment by email.
  2. Read the following article online So, you wrote a book – now what? 
  3. Prior to the meeting, please review all information below.
  4. Complete the online consignment form with the applicable fee.

Consignment policy

  1. Self-published books are taken on a consignment basis only until a proven sales record is established.
  2. Wholesale and retail costs of the book will be established upon acceptance of the book. Typical mark-up from wholesale is 40 percent.
  3. The Bookworm will stock the title for six months, reordering when necessary.
  4. Authors MUST link to The Bookworm’s online product listing page from their own web site(s).
  5. If the book sells within the allotted six-month time period, payment will be made.
  6. If any or all of the initial order does not sell, the author will be notified and the books may be picked up in person at The Bookworm. The returned books also may be shipped via USPS Priority Mail at the author's expense.

What’s included in your $30 consignment fee?

  1. The required handling fee for consignment is $30, which includes everything in our Letter Package, and is payable by check, cash or credit card once the book is accepted on consignment.
  2. The fee directly covers promotional costs that traditional publishers enjoy at our store.
  3. The Bookworm will add your book to our website as a searchable title by hundreds of indie bookstores.
  4. The Bookworm will add the title to our “Colorado Books & Authors” webpage.
  5. The Bookworm will face-out the book in an appropriate section within the store.
  6. For an additional fee, comprehensive consignment package options are available.

Tips for a successful consignment

  1. Encourage your friends, family, and other contacts to purchase your book at our store or through our web site.
  2. Contact local media and mailing lists to let them know that the book is available at The Bookworm.
  3. Send out press releases, review copies and other promotional materials to local and regional news agencies.
  4. Get involved with book clubs, libraries, and other community organizations.
  5. Get creative!  Greater success comes from a wide array of author-coordinated promotion.
  6. See our consignment package options for hosting an event to promote a book that is brand new to our store.