Give the gift of some perfect Geeky essentials! Includes: Chevron Earbuds, 8-in-1 Screwdriver, i6/i7 & Micro USB 2-In-1 Cable, Spinney Wind-Up.

The perfect gift for the handy man in your life! Includes: 4-in-1 Pen Tool, Mini Level Keychain, Mini Folding Ruler Keychain, Classic Survival Tool.

Ever want to pack it all up and move far away to a remote cabin in the woods? Same here.

The man cave, where you can do manly things like make fire, ride a woolly mammoth, and paint the walls. Ya know, man stuff.

With years of discovery under your belt, you've never seen anything quite like this: GLOWING triceratops bones!

Beer is the T-Rex drink of choice. Wine bottles are too hard to open with their tiny arms, and they just don't love cocktails. But beer? They love beer.

Let's be honest, this is how monster truck rallies should be. (Monster trucks not to scale.) Those tails could do a lot of damage.

“Frothy the Beer Man was always full of cheer.

Take to open waters with this multi-tasking Marine Multi-Tool by Gentlemen's Hardware, designed with the intrepid mariner and angler in mind.

The ultimate solution for keeping all of your tech cables in order! Ideal for keeping your headphone, laptop and charger cables tidy.

Cosmo the Prognosticator brags that he’s never made a prediction that did not come to fruition.

While a well manicured beard is a symbol of power and prestige, an unruly and disheveled beard has the potential to lead society into complete anarchy.

Legend has it St. Nick used to reward misbehaving children with bundles of twigs, bags of salt, and strings of garlic.