Path to Publishing: Project Cash Flow Management at CMC

Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 4:00pm

Dive deep into project cash flow and finance with Bob Castellino! Previous attendance of Path to Publishing not required to attend! Session will be held at Colorado Mountain College Edwards Campus room 259 from 4:00pm-8:00pm. Tickets are $100 and include a boxed meal.

I. Intro and how to work with  the P-Sheet and Trigger Event Cash Flow Management Tools (.5 hrs)
II. Day-to-Day Bookkeeping Made Simple - Getting Organized and Practicing Cash Management (.5 hrs)
II. How to Books Real Costs and Potential Revenue Centers - Start with the Project Assessment/Prospectus ( 1 hr hands on) 
III. Building a Project Sheet - Financial Snap Shot (1 hr hands on)
IV. Building Out of a Trigger Event Cash Flow Management Spread Sheet (1 hr hands on)

Author / Publisher Take-A-Ways:
I. Completed One Page Project Prospectus - Outlining Project Plan and Implementation
II. Office organization plan for managing finances with Quickbooks or a Bookkeeping Service
III. Their Own Completed Project Sheet or P-Sheet (Project Financial Breakeven Snap Shot)
IV. Their Own Completed Customized Project Trigger Event Cash Flow Plan for 12 and 24 months 

Required: An electronic project packet will be provided to all attendees first week of January. Each attendee must bring their lap top or tablet they will be working on at home. 

ROBERT CASTELLINO is passionate about teaching photography and project based publishing. He has a unique ability to mold ideas, words and images into powerfully impassioned stories. He is most highly regarded for writing, photographing and publishing five photographic story and guide books about Colorado.  His latest book release is, “Colorado: Life and Light on the Land,”—a limited edition collectible. Bob is an accomplished, versatile, creative and multifaceted professional. He taught photography and how to self publish your dream book. He is founder of Climate Colorado and gave the TEDx Talk “Solving the Climate Crisis by Rapid Prototyping Solutions.” Bob is known to go the extra mile to find a great location, look a little harder for people in an unusual situation to develop or wait a little longer for the right conditions to make a photograph. Bob enjoys the creative process of developing concept into a meaningful story to share with people as much as he enjoys the story telling itself. His photographic images are collected by individuals, museums and businesses around the world.  

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