Tuesday, October 8, 2019 - 6:00pm

Knee pain and knee injury happen to people at any age and across all walks of life. It can be confusing to navigate the many different treatment options, and surgery and physical therapy are taxing processes on many levels. Prominent experts in orthopedics and sports medicine combine their expertise to share a definitive resource for patients in Knee Injury Bible, a comprehensive guide for anyone with knee injury or chronic knee pain that helps to ease the strain of the recovery process.

 In clear, readily understandable language, the authors cover: types of injuries and pain, and how they happen, which tests are necessary and which are not, what to ask at doctor visits, what to expect when undergoing surgery, basic physical therapy exercises, healthy eating during the recovery period and how to set expectations and return to the activities and sports you love. Chapters also include inspiring stories from other patients and prominent athletes to show readers that they are not alone -- and they can recover and live normally again.

Luke O'Brien (PT, MPhty, SCS2) is a physical therapist at the world-renowned Howard Head PT Clinic. He has given talks all over the world for his work involving recovery from sports injuries.

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