Gail Collins-Ranadive
Tuesday, August 3, 2021 - 6:00pm

Come listen to Colorado author, Gail Collins-Randive, as she speaks about her latest book. Lace up your imaginary hiking boots and come experience the Grand Canyon's geography, geology, anthropology, and more through the lens of deep time as sacred space!

Visitors overwhelmingly report that the Grand Canyon makes them feel small, and insignificant. Yet spending extended time on the south rim of Grand Canyon National Park can reveal a sense of deep connectedness with the story of our Earth that has unfolded for over 4 billion years to include us humans. With the awareness of deep time that the Grand Canyon shows us, we can take our rightful place within a larger story than the one we brought there with us. "Inner Canyon, Where Deep Time Meets Sacred Space" is less about the Canyon than an experience of it that can then be shared with readers fascinated by this international treasure. Fair warning: the author secretly hopes that the Canyon will work its magic on you as if you too were actually there!

By the time the author felt compelled to arrange for a part time sabbatical on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, she had spent time as a psychiatric nurse, a military wife, a stay-at-home mother of two, a private pilot, a religious educator, a writing teacher, a workshop creator, an adjunct professor and a liberal religious parish minister. She was just beginning an interim ministry year in Flagstaff, AZ., when the Canyon both captivated and captured her. Four years after her sabbatical, she returned to the Canyon during a time of personal and professional crises, seeking comfort and clarity. Hiking down to a favorite outcropping of rock, she sat in the deep silence until, as clearly as the voice of a trusted friend over coffee, she heard: “You are a writer.  You need to be writing.” She promptly retired from ministry to focus on the manuscripts that had been shapeshifting on her desk for decades.  Since then, she has published Hopi Birth Morning (with a Hopi elder), Chewing Sand; an Eco-Spiritual Taste of the Mojave Desert, Nature’s Calling; the Grace of Place, A Fistful of Stars; Communing with the Cosmos, and Dinosaur Dreaming; Our Climate Moment.  She also writes the biannual environmental column for the Wayfarer Literary Journal and sponsors the Prism Prize for Climate Literature, both divisions of Homebound Publications. She and her partner spend winters at her home in Las Vegas and summers at his home in Denver.
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Inner Canyon: Where Deep Time Meets Sacred Space Cover Image
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Published: Homebound Publications - May 11th, 2021

Chewing Sand: An Eco-Spiritual Taste of the Mojave Desert Cover Image
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Published: Homebound Publications - April 19th, 2014

Dinosaur Dreaming: Our Climate Moment Cover Image
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Published: Homebound Publications - April 25th, 2020