Heels over Head with Clay Small

Clay Small Event
Thursday, August 3, 2017 - 6:00pm

Henry Lindon is playing a game of tit for tat that he's about to lose. Successful, charming executive Henry Lindon was happily making high-dollar global deals and enjoying the good life in Dallas when his job mysteriously disappears--and with it, his identity. On top of that, he's sure his beautiful wife is having an affair with some Romeo down in Argentina. While attempting to start a new life teaching law, Lindon is finding his paranoia has got him around the throat and won't let go. In class one day, the discussion goes off track from law and libel to tattoos. When a student appears in his office in pink shorts and a crop top and takes the subject of tattoos to a much-too-personal level, Lindon's at a loss to explain why and worried about ramifications. Discovering he may have the Department of Justice on his back with phony felony charges, he's reaching his breaking point and nothing's making sense. Two tattoos, a murder, and an old rivalry are part of a distant game of revenge that's about to come full circle.

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ISBN: 9781626343436
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Published: Greenleaf Book Group Press - February 7th, 2017