Fiction Writing Workshop with Margo Catts

Margo Catts Event
Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 6:00pm

Fight or Flight Writing Workshop

Margo Catts, author of Among the Lesser Gods, will be leading a fiction writing workshop for beginning writers and seasoned authors. The workshop will explore fear and the drive to survive at the root of human motivation.

"Identity--the self we're desperate to protect--grows out of the stories we use to explain our lives and our world to ourselves. Whether we're trying to create rich characters, or guess at why real people do what they do, or understand ourselves, the key is figuring out what those stories are and how they became personal reality," says Catts.

Each ticket comes with a copy of Among the Lesser Gods.

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"Fight or Flight," the title of the workshop, comes from the notion of instinctive responses to physical threats, the kinds of fears that are wrapped around the base-level, universal drive to protect the physical self. But where humans depart from the rest of the animal world is that we have multiple selves--social self, emotional self, intellectual self, spiritual self, and so on. The physical self is rarely in any actual danger, but these other selves will also respond in an animal way when they're threatened. What those selves are made of--and what constitutes a threat to them--is a product of story, the narratives we create over time to explain the world. In the workshop we're going to play with the possibilities for where these stories come from and the range of emotional responses different characters might have to the same event. This will help you create distinctly individual characters, and maybe even understand the real people in your life a little better.

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Margo Catts grew up in Los Angeles, and has since lived in Utah, Indiana, and Colorado. After raising three children in the U.S., she and her husband moved to Saudi Arabia, where her Foreign Girl blog was well known in the expat community. Originally a freelance editor, she has also done freelance writing for business, technical, and advertising clients, all the while working on her fiction. She is a contributing author to Once Upon an ExpatAmong the Lesser Gods is her first novel. She now lives in Houston, Texas.

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