Divide and Conquer with Brent Goldstein

Tuesday, July 30, 2019 - 6:00pm

Join longtime local Brent Goldstein for a night of adventure, philanthropy, and community. Come hear Brent's story and learn all about First Descents, which provides life-changing outdoor adventures for young adults (ages 18 - 39) impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions.

Haunted by the loss of his best friend to cancer, unnerved by turning 50, and motivated to raise money and awareness for a cancer charity close to his heart, Brent Goldstein undertook an epic adventure in June, 2018--the Tour Divide mountain bike race. The Tour Divide is a 2,731+ mile self-supported, off-road journey down the U.S. Continental Divide from Canada to Mexico. Race rules prohibit help from friends or family. The bikes don't have motors. Food options are limited. Water often has to be culled from creeks. There is abundant mud, snow, jagged rocks, and steep trails up and down colossal mountains. Most riders drop out in the first week. 

In Divide and Conquer, Brent weaves a colorful, soulful, graphic, and humorous tale of grit, guts and determination. He further reveals how friendship, philanthropy, reinvention, and a higher purpose can inspire an average middle-aged guy to not only put life on hold to tackle a challenge of unfathomable magnitude, but to push on when even muscle in his body and cell in his brain screamed at him to quit. This book brims with stories, narrative, dialogue and information that could spur the most sedentary reader to jump off the couch and embrace the challenge. 

Brent Goldstein is a husband, father of three daughters, transactional attorney, and Chairman of the Board of Director of First Descents, an organization that provides life-changing outdoor adventure for young adults impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions. His journey was inspired by the thousands of young cancer survivors and fighters whose lives have changed thanks to First Descents’ programs. All proceeds from the sale of Divide and conquer are for the benefit of First Descents (www.firstdescents.org). Brent and his Family live in Rockville, Maryland.


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Published: Brent Goldstein - May 18th, 2019