We're thrilled to work with Eagle County School District teachers and offer benefits like discounts on books for your classroom and free advance review copies of forthcoming books.  We also can arrange "shopping days" at the Bookworm to benefit your school and organize book fairs.  

Questions?  Contact us via email or call 970-926-7323. We would love to set up an appointment to see how we can work with you.

Why Partner with the Bookworm on a Book Fair?

• The Bookworm will organize everything. 
• We will provide quality literature for every age.
• We will make your book fair as small or large as you’d like and can provide the specific titles you request.
• Complimentary book delivery and set-up.
• Free author presentation and signing!
• Free classroom talks by a children’s book expert!
• Personalized service and recommendations.
• Hassle free returns.
• Community dollars will stay in the community.

Did you know?

Book fair sales have a track record of being greater when paired with Bookworm signature services such as book talks and author presentations.

Bookworm book fairs include the following:

  • Author presentation and signing
  • Classroom book talks by a children’s book expert
  • Complimentary set-up by Bookworm staff
  • Bookworm support and personalized recommendations 


Let’s Talk About the Money

Depending on your school’s sales you will earn 10 - 30% of books and sidelines sold at your book fair! 

We have the following sliding scale set up:

  • < $2,000 = 15%
  • $2001 - $4,000 = 20%
  • $4,000 - $6,000 = 25%
  • $6,000 and up = 30%


“It was such a pleasure for the Red Sandstone Elementary PTO to host our 2014 Spring Book Fair with The Bookworm. From our first organizational meeting through the event follow up meeting, Franny and Nicole were great. They thoughtfully chose titles for each grade. The parents, teachers and most importantly students were so impressed with the quality of titles represented at the book fair. Working with the Bookworm was seamless and we look forward to many successful book fairs with our local independent bookstore in the future.”
-- Meg Ogden, President of Red Sandstone Elementary PTO

“Franny visited my class this fall and it was a wonderful visit. Her enthusiasm rubbed off on the kids and they were eager to get their hands on new releases. Franny was eager to share new releases with the kids. This is a great way to get young readers excited about reading!”
-- Adrienne Young, teacher at Vail Mountain School

“Last spring we held a book fair at our school hosted by the Bookworm. I was thrilled to see the unique books provided, tapping into the various styles of readers. The staff at the Bookworm selected high level and high interest literature that can broaden the imagination of most any child, even the reluctant reader. It was music to my ears to hear the conversations between students about various book titles.”
-- Elizabeth Dekanich, teacher at Eagle County Charter Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

What dates are available for book fairs and how long do they last?

We can make just about any set of dates work for you! Book fairs can last from 1 day in the bookstore to an entire week in your school. You will have the ability to choose what suits your school best.

Who is responsible for running the book fair?
School staff and volunteers run the book fair, and the Bookworm staff provides marketing, set up and restocking support.

What does the set-up and take-down process entail?
The Bookworm will deliver your books, bags and bookmarks and set up the fair in an eye-catching way.

How does the Bookworm book fair compare to the Scholastic book fair?
The Bookworm book fair will look similar to the Scholastic book fair, but we will be able to offer you books published by all publishing companies, not just Scholastic. We also strive to provide quality literature for your students; not just posters and games. Unlike Scholastic, we will cater the book list to your needs and provide exciting marketing, including book talks and author presentations. We will work with you every step of the way to meet your needs and get your students excited about reading. The Bookworm can also curate a strong Spanish language selection for your students.

What ages will be represented at the book fair?
We can cater the book list to represent any grade levels. You can take an active part in creating the book list and we can add your school’s favorite titles and themes. We also have ready-made book lists if you would like a more general selection.

What tools are used to sell the books to students?
The Bookworm will provide an electronic list of titles that is compatible with devices such as iPad and Square. We will provide a scanner, cash register station and digital search functionality.

Will book in Spanish be available?
The Bookworm is able to provide a wide selection of both Spanish and bilingual books. You can discuss this preference at your initial organizational meeting.

What is the general cost of the books?
Most books at the fair will be paperbacks that cost between $4.99 and $13.99. We are able to provide a selection of hardcover books that cost a bit more but will work with your school to decide on what titles are right for you.

Students love the gadgets, toys, posters, etc. at book fairs. What non-book material comes with the Bookworm book fair?
Although your Bookworm book fair will primarily include literature, we are also able to provide items such as journals, activity books, games and educational toys. We can work with your school to decide how many of these items you wish to sell.

Do you have a day that the book fair is not open, but kids can walk through so they have an idea of what they want when it opens?
We can certainly offer a day for students to browse the book fair and create wish lists.

Will my school make any money?
Yes, your school will receive a generous cut of the proceeds that is competitive with what Scholastic has to offer, plus the added value of an author visit to your school. You may choose to take your rewards in cash or as a credit for discounted books from The Bookworm.