Pattern Fitting and Alteration for Beginners: Fit and Alter Your Favorite Garments With Confidence: Fit and Alter Your Favorite Garments With Confid By Mae Gallagher Cover Image
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Are you tired of constantly buying new clothes when you become bored with your old garments, or when they become damaged?

Have you recently noticed that your favorite sweater or dress has started to show some signs of wear and tear, but you are reluctant to just throw it out?

Do you have a particular affinity to certain items of your wardrobe and you'll do anything to try and fix them or keep them looking sharp?

Are you looking to become more environmentally friendly, and are you trying to move away from "fast fashion" and instead focus on re-using old items of clothing?

Or are you just tired of spending more and more dollars on new clothes, and instead you want to make sure you get full value of your money from your purchases?

This book will help solve all of these problems and more

Inside Pattern Fitting and Alteration for Beginners I will show you how to simply and easily transform a piece of clothing that you may have previously considered throwing away or donating to charity.

I will teach you all of the basic skills that you need to breathe new life into your wardrobe, and provide you with a whole new perspective of what is possible with the clothes that you have at your disposal.

Unlike some books, rather than just telling you how to alter clothing, I will also offer you explanatory descriptions, step-by-step guides, and clear illustrations. These tools will make it even easier to follow and provide you with excellent results, with much less trial and error

I will offer you a range of different information regarding the different tools, equipment, and accessories you can use, choosing the right patterns for you, how to pattern fit, and so much more.

Inside Pattern Fitting and Alteration for Beginners, discover:

  • How simple techniques and accessories you may have never even considered can make excellent pattern fitting amends to your clothes
  • Different ways to pattern fit, depending on what garments you are using and what style you are trying to achieve
  • A range of different projects for you to sink your teeth into. Some of them will surprise you
  • The basic fitting standards for pattern fitting. I bet you don't know why this is so important? Well, you will from reading this book

And those are just some of the great topics covered in this book

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ISBN: 9781951035853
ISBN-10: 1951035852
Publisher: Craftmills Publishing LLC
Publication Date: December 18th, 2020
Pages: 106
Language: English