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The current US and global wine markets are practically unrecognizable from when the second edition of this text was published. Wineries can ship directly to their customers in 45 US states. Seventy percent of Americans are online. Advanced packaging tech can reveal chemical spoilage, verify provenance, and can even talk (virtually).

This new, third edition of the bestselling wine marketing book in the English language explores these and many more new and surprising features of the modern wine marketing landscape.

  • Social Media Marketing & Ecommerce
  • Digital Marketing & Wine Delivery Applications
  • New Trends in Packaging, e.g. Augmented Reality Labeling
  • Sales and Marketing Metrics
  • Complete Regulatory Compliance
  • Going Mobile with Website Strategies
  • Supply Chain Management
  • The Promise of Direct-to-Consumer Sales
  • The New Demographics of Wine Consumption & Wine Tourism

Wine Marketing and Sales covers every conceivable aspect of marketing and selling wine, from basic theory and principles, to the practical application of sales and marketing strategies in the real-world, brand-saturated marketplace. This book puts new and powerful tools into the hands of veteran brand managers and the vast bank of wine marketing knowledge within reach of the untrained winery owner desperate for a foothold.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781935879435
ISBN-10: 193587943X
Publisher: Wine Appreciation Guild
Publication Date: June 1st, 2019
Pages: 450
Language: English