Coin Collecting for Beginners: Grow a Treasure on Your Desk! The Easy Guide to Start Your Coin Collection. Take Your First Steps Into a Hobby that Ca Cover Image
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"Hobbies are fun but they end up just being a waste of money "

Well, that hobbies are usually a waste of money is a clich , and just like most clich's, it has a grain of truth.

Of course, spending money on something that makes us feel good, gives us some good time, and keeps us passionate about something, is not something you can really call a waste of money.


Still, you can't deny that most hobbies are very demanding in terms of money, and that once that money is gone, is gone for good.

Good news though: this does not apply to collections. Collecting is a hobby that leaves you with valuable possession.

And, among the various types of collecting, Coin Collecting is the one that most of all can be seen as an investment.

And the reason why you can consider Coin Collecting not just as a fun and fascinating pastime, but also an actual investment is just one of the...

... things you are going to discover in Coin Collecting for Beginners:

  • Why Coin Collecting is a Social Activity (in spite of the solitary clich that goes with it)
  • The one thing every newbie would do with their coins (and that you MUST AVOID or your collection will lose almost its entire value)
  • How you can start NOW your Coin Collection with ZERO investment (and by NOW I mean NOW, and by ZERO I mean ZERO)
  • The Six-Point Checklist to know if you can trust a Coin Dealer (one of them is so obvious that no one ever thinks of it)
  • The Four Golden Rules to grow your collection at Coin Auctions without getting hurt (that work either on online and offline auctions)
  • "Shiny Silver Coins", "Shotgun Rolls", and other scams that are easy to fall for (but even easier not to, once you have read this)
  • Tactics and Strategies to monetize your collection if you want to (or just to make some extra money out of it while you keep collecting)

So if you want to start out with a new activity that is, fun, instructive, suitable for the whole family, and that could make a fine investment long term Coin COllecting for Beginners is the book you want.

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ISBN: 9781801693073
ISBN-10: 1801693072
Publisher: Zanshin Honya Ltd
Publication Date: February 3rd, 2021
Pages: 140
Language: English