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Hi there

Each journey has its own story, its colors and images.

This book was created with the intention of putting the sensations and memories of a trip on paper.

This book contains more than 90 high definition Japan's pictures.

I wanted to capture the images that impressed me the most during this experience. I decided to choose the best shots I took to prove one thing:

"If you believe that great memories can only be achieved using expensive equipment, you are wrong "

The book was created with a very powerful tool that we all have in our pockets: our "Smartphone."

Obviously the photos were uploaded to the computer to edit them and to emphasize all the details that made me remember those beautiful moments.

If you have already been to this magnificent country I hope this book will ignite a memory, a scent or a sound that can bring you back there.

If you have never been there, I hope it will make you want to go there as soon as possible.

Jump into Japan

Product Details
ISBN: 9781801579537
ISBN-10: 1801579539
Publisher: Charlie Creative Lab Ltd Publisher
Publication Date: January 6th, 2021
Pages: 114
Language: English