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Gratitude Journal for Kids

The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal is about focusing on the good and being thankful for the things we have in our lives both the big things, as well as the simple joys. It's a guide to cultivate an attitude of gratitude for children. If you start each day by writing down three things you are thankful for - a family, a favorite teacher, starting a good book - you begin each day with the right attitude. Do it daily and make it a habit to focus on the blessing. This journal makes the

perfect gift for children and their parents.


  • 6x9 inch
  • 120 pages
  • Matte cover finish
  • Printed on white quality paper

Product Details
ISBN: 9781716274695
ISBN-10: 1716274699
Publisher: Eightidd
Publication Date: December 31st, 2020
Pages: 140
Language: English