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Florida is America's backyard, the biggest, coolest backyard in the country. From the swing set (the mind-boggling theme parks of Orlando and Tampa) to the sandbox (hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches) to the wading pool (the mighty Atlantic Ocean and magnificent Gulf of Mexico), Florida is where the whole world comes to relax and play. Florida for Families will do more than just show you the things you already know. Florida is filled with hidden treasures that can make your vacation a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone in your family. For example: - There's an aquarium about every three blocks in Florida, but we'll take you to a unique one where you can meet sick and injured dolphins and sea turtles being nursed back to health. - Zoos are everywhere, but why not go somewhere that keeps the humans caged up so the animals can run free? - Brave souls can ride a bicycle along a tightrope, nature lovers will marvel at a single tree that's wider than a football field, and everyone will love taking a boat ride among the alligators--as long as they keep their hands in the boat Florida for Families will show you all this and much more.
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ISBN: 9781566566957
ISBN-10: 1566566959
Publisher: Interlink Books
Publication Date: May 1st, 2008
Pages: 246
Language: English