The Black Gold, Part I.: Natural Form of Agarwood Cover Image
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Agarwood referred to as The Black Gold due to its lucrative industries, value expensive than gold. Some called Agarwood as "Diamond in the forest" and, some said "The Wood of God". The book is an Agarwood images reference book, meant for people that have an interest and curiosity on Agarwood. Agarwood discovered in Ancients Egypt for the use of incense and perfume. Many did not know of its existence. Furthermore, wild Agarwood will disappear soon. In years to come, there will be no wild Agarwood on our planet due to over-harvesting and over-exploitation of our lands into crop plantations. In public, few people have ever seen Agarwood, especially in its physical form. Major religions had manifested Agarwood in their Holy Scriptures. However, Agarwood named Aloeswood in Eden Garden of the Bible. Agarwood utilized for producing incense, cosmetics, tea, perfume, for medicinal purposes and many other wellness products, and widely used by the communities that are practicing wellness, meditation, yoga, and Spa. The Wellness industry is among the fastest-growing industries in the modern world. All images of this book are genuine and original. We support Agarwood cultivation in line with reducing carbon dioxide on our planet.
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ISBN: 9781543755855
ISBN-10: 1543755852
Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore
Publication Date: January 17th, 2020
Pages: 58
Language: English