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"C4 Corvette Buyers Guide - A Reference for the Purchase and Maintenance of the 4th Generation Corvette." With the 4th Generation Corvette - known as the C4 model - enthusiasts have an opportunity to purchase arguably the biggest bang for the buck in pre-owned Corvettes. As a result, sales of the 1984 through 1996 Corvettes are more robust than other models and yet the prices are very reasonable for a world class sports car. The "C4 Corvette Buyers Guide" is aimed squarely at these new C4 owners and perspective owners - a reference book that provides the information needed to make informed decisions about the purchase and maintenance of the C4. Illustrated with many photographs, the book begins with a history of the C4 Corvette in chapter one which will help you understand the design and manufacture philosophy plus you'll read about the year by year improvements made to the car. Using this information, you'll be able to choose the best year for your budget. Next, you'll find yourself at chapter two which guides you through a purchase via an extremely detailed pre-buy check list. You'll use these guidelines to avoid being so mesmerized by the good looks and superior performance of the 4th generation Corvette that you inadvertently overlook damage, engine or transmission problems, inoperative systems and various seller tricks. After that, you're off to the maintenance and performance chapters; both are informative and full of detailed information and suggestions. You'll refer to these two chapters again and again after your purchase which extends the book's usefulness well beyond the day you take delivery of your C4. Next, a product recall chapter advises you of safety campaigns.You'll want to check on these specific repairs to make certain they've been accomplished. A resources chapter follows. It lists Corvette books you may wish to add to your library plus information about the National Corvette Museum. In this chapter, you'll also find lots of places to buy parts and accessories - including specialty houses - complete with contact information and websites if available. Lastly, the author wraps things up with some closing remarks. In the "C4 Corvette Buyers Guide", you'll find the answers to new owner's (and hope-to-be owners) questions about America's Sports Car and be able to find just the right C4 - plus you'll be able to make certain that it's maintained properly after the purchase.
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ISBN: 9781533414090
ISBN-10: 1533414092
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 9th, 2016
Pages: 156
Language: English