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The chronicle of a family's first year alone in Alaskan wilderness, here is a poetic exploration into what we value in life.

In 1992 Jean Aspen took her husband, Tom, and their young son to live in Alaska's interior mountains where they built a cabin from logs, hunted for food, and let the vast beauty of the Arctic close around them. Jean had faced Alaska's wilderness alone before in a life-altering experience she shared in Arctic Daughter. Cut off from the rest of the world for more than a year, now her family would discover strength and beauty in their daily lives. They candidly filmed themselves and later produced a companion documentary, ARCTIC SON: Fulfilling the Dream, which shows on PBS stations across the nation.

From an encounter with a grizzly bear at arm's length to a challenging six-hundred-mile river passage back to civilization, Arctic Son chronicles fourteen remarkable months alone in the Brooks Range. At once a portrait of courage, a lyrical odyssey, and authentic adventure, this is a family's extraordinary journey into America's last frontier.

About the Author

Daughter of arctic explorer Constance Helmericks, Jean Aspen began life in the wilderness. Throughout six decades, the natural world has remained central to her. Jean is the author of Arctic Daughter and Arctic Son. She and her husband, Tom Irons, live in Alaska and spend much of each year in Alaskan wilds.
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ISBN: 9780882409207
ISBN-10: 0882409204
Publisher: Alaska Northwest Books
Publication Date: April 9th, 2014
Pages: 275
Language: English