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A heartbreaking grief memoir, One Thousand Days and One Cup of Tea uncovers the process of healing from a personal and psychological view, written by a bereaved clinical psychologist
Vanessa's husband Paul died suddenly and tragically on their regular Sunday morning swim. This is a raw narrative of how she found a way to move forward for her teenage children, their dilapidated home and the patients who all need her. Beautifully written and honestly relayed, the book dives into the aftermath of death, the painful reminders, the heartwarming moments and how to endure the pain of loss.
"This book is about a period of great loss in my life, a time when the tables were completely turned on me. I was a qualified therapist who suddenly found myself needing psychological therapy. I was a trained researcher who became my own research subject, as I tried to make sense of what was happening to me. I was an experienced manager who now struggled to manage the events taking place in my own life. Yet, throughout all this turmoil, my patients were always there, in the background, reminding me that there are many different ways to deal with loss and trauma and search for a way forwards." Vanessa Moore

About the Author

Vanessa Moore is a clinical psychologist. During her long career in the NHS she has worked therapeutically with children, adults, couples, families and groups within hospitals and other community settings. She has trained psychologists and other diverse health professionals, and has researched a wide range of clinical questions and published her findings in academic journals. She has supervised the careers of many young psychologists and managed the daily life of a large clinical psychology service. She lives in Winchester, UK.
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ISBN: 9780857839411
ISBN-10: 0857839411
Publisher: Kyle Books
Publication Date: June 1st, 2021
Pages: 304
Language: English