Questions of a Thousand Tears: Surviving Suicide. A Father's Road to Recovery Cover Image
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In 1997 Paul's 17-year-old son Matthew jumped off a bridge committing suicide thus becoming another statistic in the horrific surge of suicides committed by young adults.

Through his journal writing and poetry Paul wrestles, from a father's perspective, with the intense emotional questions surrounding suicide.

When he finally surfaced from the deep anguish and depressive despair, Paul gained the strength to share his insightful story, bringing us through the initial stages of shock and denial culminating in recovery and acceptance.

Questions of a Thousand Tears follows Paul's attempts to deal with his overwhelming grief, adjust to the daily realities of his loss, make sense of the tragedy of suicide, and begin the task of rebuilding his life. Paul offers hope and healing as he explores the day-to-day challenges of maintaining relationships, parenting his daughter, and the universal emotions and issues facing suicide survivors.

Questions of a Thousand Tears traces Paul's compelling transformation and is essential reading for anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide, and for those who desire to understand the experience of a suicide survivor.

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ISBN: 9780578547831
ISBN-10: 057854783X
Publisher: Memoirs Plus
Publication Date: September 2nd, 2019
Pages: 338
Language: English