Statistical Concepts - A Second Course By Debbie L. Hahs-Vaughn, Richard G. Lomax Cover Image
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Statistical Concepts-A Second Course presents the last 10 chapters from An Introduction to Statistical Concepts, Fourth Edition. Designed for second and upper-level statistics courses, this book highlights how statistics work and how best to utilize them to aid students in the analysis of their own data and the interpretation of research results.

In this new edition, Hahs-Vaughn and Lomax discuss sensitivity, specificity, false positive and false negative errors. Coverage of effect sizes has been expanded upon and more organizational features (to summarize key concepts) have been included. A final chapter on mediation and moderation has been added for a more complete presentation of regression models. In addition to instructions and screen shots for using SPSS, new to this edition is annotated script for using R.

This book acts as a clear and accessible instructional tool to help readers fully understand statistical concepts and how to apply them to data. It is an invaluable resource for students undertaking a course in statistics in any number of social science and behavioral science disciplines.

About the Author

Debbie L. Hahs-Vaughn is Professor of Methodology, Measurement, and Analysis at the University of Central Florida, US. Her research primarily relates to methodological issues when analyzing, and applied research using, complex sample data.Richard G. Lomax is Professor Emeritus of Educational and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University, US, and former Associate Dean for Research and Administration. His research primarily focuses on early literacy and statistics.
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ISBN: 9780367204099
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Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: January 23rd, 2020
Pages: 782
Language: English