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An engaging historical fiction/love story with a fun twist. Jillian Cantor did a superb job of capturing my heart and transporting me back and forth in time and location. Shows how the past impacts the future and how strong love can transcend time. Hard to put down and I loved it!

— From What Karin is Reading

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“For fans of The Time Traveler’s Wife and Somewhere in Time, In Another Time will sweep you through pre-war and post-war Berlin, London, Paris, and Vienna as you follow Hanna Ginsberg, ‘the one who plays the violin like fire,’ and her magnificent Stradivarius violin. It begins in Germany in 1931, when bookshop owner Max Beissinger meets Hanna. As they fall in love, Germany falls under the power of Hitler. While Hanna is Jewish and Max is not, Max has a secret that may help save Hannah when the time comes. Cantor reminds us that even in terrible times, books, music, and love can prevail. Not to be missed.”
— Karen Briggs, The Booknook, East Talwas, MI


“Jillian Cantor’s In Another Time is a love song to the most powerful of all human emotions: hope. It is the story of Max and Hanna, two star-crossed lovers fighting to stay together during an impossible moment in history. It is gripping, mysterious, romantic, and altogether unique. I was enchanted by this beautiful, heartbreaking novel.” — Ariel Lawhon, author of I Was Anastasia

A sweeping historical novel that spans Germany, England, and the United States and follows a young couple torn apart by circumstance leading up to World War II—and the family secret that may prove to be the means for survival.

1931, Germany. Bookshop owner Max Beissinger meets Hanna Ginsberg, a budding concert violinist, and immediately he feels a powerful chemistry between them. It isn’t long before they fall in love and begin making plans for the future. As their love affair unfolds over the next five years, the climate drastically changes in Germany as Hitler comes to power. Their love is tested with the new landscape and the realities of war, not the least of which is that Hanna is Jewish and Max is not. But unbeknownst to Hanna is the fact that Max has a secret, which causes him to leave for months at a time—a secret that Max is convinced will help him save Hanna if Germany becomes too dangerous for her because of her religion. 

In 1946, Hanna Ginsberg awakens in a field outside of Berlin. Disoriented and afraid, she has no memory of the past ten years and no idea what has happened to Max. With no information as to Max’s whereabouts—or if he is even still alive—she decides to move to London to live with her sister while she gets her bearings. Even without an orchestra to play in, she throws herself completely into her music to keep alive her lifelong dream of becoming a concert violinist. But the music also serves as a balm to heal her deeply wounded heart and she eventually gets the opening she long hoped for. Even so, as the days, months, and years pass, taking her from London to Paris to Vienna to America, she continues to be haunted by her forgotten past, and the fate of the only man she has ever loved and cannot forget.

Told in alternating viewpoints—Max in the years leading up to WWII, and Hanna in the ten years after—In Another Time is a beautiful novel about love and survival, passion and music, across time and continents.

About the Author

Jillian Cantor is the author of award-winning and bestselling novels for adults and teens, including In Another Time, The Hours Count, Margot, and The Lost Letter, which was a USA Today bestseller. She has a BA in English from Penn State University and an MFA from the University of Arizona. Cantor lives in Arizona with her husband and two sons.

Praise For…

“Jillian Cantor has penned a heartbreaking love story that will leave you sobbing in In Another Time.”
Popsugar, 30 Must-Read Books of 2019

“Compelling… you will be swept away by this beautiful story about the bonds of love and the strength of the human spirit.”

In Another Time is a beautifully written, utterly romantic story about a love that transcends time. The sort of book you wish could never end.”
Popsugar, 28 Buzzy Books to Read this Spring

“In Cantor’s superb novel, two kindred spirits struggle against the insidious rise of fascism in pre-World War II Germany. In Another Time is a stunning testament to the power of books, music, and love, and how they can endure, and ultimately prevail, during calamitous times.”
Fiona Davis, national bestselling author of The Masterpiece

In Another Time returns readers to the place for which Jillian Cantor is known and adored: the heroism and heartbreak of the Second World War. Bookended by dueling narratives set in pre-war Berlin and cities across post-war Europe, In Another Time chronicles the star-crossed love between Hanna, a Jewish violin virtuoso and Max, a non-Jew. With her bracing prose and unflinching eye, Cantor catches us up in the sweep of history and reminds us of the interminable power of the human bond and the moments that can last a lifetime.”
Pam Jenoff, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Orphan’s Tale

“Filled with haunting prose, rich historical detail, and an immersive setting, In Another Time is a spellbinding story about the power of love and the strength of the human spirit. Moving and timely, Cantor’s novel provides an unflinching and nuanced glimpse of life in pre-war Berlin and offers a stark reminder of the personal cost of war and its aftermath. A stunning, transporting novel.”
Chanel Cleeton, author of Next Year in Havana

“Jillian Cantor’s In Another Time is a love song to the most powerful of all human emotions: hope. It is the story of Max and Hanna, two star-crossed lovers fighting to stay together during an impossible moment in history. It is gripping, mysterious, romantic, and altogether unique. I was enchanted by this beautiful, heartbreaking novel.”
Ariel Lawhon, author of I Was Anastasia

“Beautifully emotional and moving, and rich with historical facts, Cantor’s latest will immerse the reader from the very first page. Readers who enjoy novels with well-developed characters willing to sacrifice all for selfless love will want to check this one out.”
Book Reviews by Sheri Melnick

In Another Time is a beautiful, beautiful tale of love, heartbreak, and an outstanding history lesson.”
Silver’s Reviews

“Cantor elevates love as a powerful force that transcends tragedy and shows how music speaks to even the cruelest hearts. [In Another Time is] a powerful story that exalts the strength of the human spirit.”
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ISBN: 9780062863324
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Publisher: Harper Perennial
Publication Date: March 5th, 2019
Pages: 336
Language: English